Episode 24: The Greatest American Band Bracket: Round of 64, Region 1

The play-ins are over. The bracket is set. Let the Greatest American Band Bracket begin. In the first round, anything can happen. Who will be the Cinderella (not the crap hair metal band)? Is there a Wooden era UCLA? A modern day Duke (equal parts greatness and hateability)? Is there a 1983 NC State? You won’t know until you listen, because we won’t know until it’s over.  Here are the Region 1 matchups of the Round of 64.


Beach Boys vs. Titus Andronicus

Dead Kennedys vs. Husker Du

The Eagles vs. Rage Against the Machine

Steely Dan vs. Smashing Pumpkins

Sly and the Family Stone vs. The White Stripes

Boston vs. Bon Jovi

Creedence Clearwater Revival vs. Foo Fighters

Talking Heads vs. Dinosaur Jr.

As you watch your bracket slowly get destroyed, here are a few songs to ease the pain: https://open.spotify.com/user/thebrotherpod/playlist/2vYa4LiXg62UmjuAeXVw46

Demian Kendall