The Podcast Will Host a Live Discussion with Award Winning Authors Geoff Dyer and Richard Mason from the UK’s Largest Literary and Arts Fest July 29


Music commentary podcast Brother Brother Brother today released its 50th episode, The Albums That Changed Our Lives, and announced their first live appearance at Port Eliot Festival (, the U.K.’s leading literary and arts festival held annually in St. Germans, Cornwall, U.K.

The Brothers, Wyndham Lewis, Jeremy Sartori and Christian Lewis will discuss the relationship between music and literature with award winning authors, Geoff Dyer (Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi, The Colour of Memory) and Richard Mason (History of a Pleasure Seeker, Who Killed Piet Barol?) both of whom prominently incorporate music into their work.

Port Eliot Festival - Taking place each summer in the woodland gardens and park of an ancient stately home and mediaeval monastery in south east Cornwall, Port Eliot Festival remains a rare original. The festival is hard to pin down – recent years have seen Barbara Hulanicki leading a fashion drawing masterclass for children; Kate Winslet performing a Sunday morning children’s story; Dominic West hosting a spelling bee; Britain’s finest wildlife sound recordist, Chris Watson, blasting the sounds of Sheffield along the river walk; and Martin Scorsese handpicking the film programme.


Three brothers from three different generations and three different cities talk about one shared love: music.

The Brother Brother Brother podcast launched today. The show features Wyndham Lewis, Jeremy Sartori and Christian Lewis, three brothers from three different generations (born nearly ten years apart in the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s) discussing their shared love: MUSIC.

“I have two brothers, both of whom I cursed at an early age with my obsession and with whom I still constantly talk about music,” said BBB Host Wyndham Lewis (a TV writer by day). “The fact that they are not related to each other and we span three decades is what makes the conversation peculiar, remarkable and worth hearing.”  

Brother Brother Brother at its heart is an unconventional relationship that drives a decades long dialogue that continues 24-7. “I grew up on college radio, import bins, and all-ages shows and passed along that fervent fandom, and as Jeremy and Christian grew up and technology evolved, the conversation shifted and now I learn from them.”

Broadcasting from Los Angeles, Boston and Brooklyn, the brothers of Brother Brother Brother bring three lifetimes worth of music fandom together to argue, proselytize, agree, disagree, teach, talk, learn and listen to one non-traditional family’s take on music and in the process likely prove Craig Finn’s assertion that “everyone is a critic and most people are DJ’s.”

Brother Brother Brother will post new episodes every Thursday and is available on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.