Episode 31: The Greatest American Band Bracket: Sweet 16, Regions 3&4

We’re getting to the wire. No more easy decisions. No more blowouts. These are great American bands squaring off against great American bands for the chance to be called the greatest. And it’s about to get bloody. Queue up your angry emails as we duke it out in the Sweet 16: Regions 3 and 4:


The Byrds vs. Big Star

Van Halen vs. The Stooges

Velvet Underground vs. Aerosmith

Nirvana vs. Ramones

As you watch your bracket slowly get destroyed, here are a few songs to ease the pain: https://open.spotify.com/user/thebrotherpod/playlist/2vYa4LiXg62UmjuAeXVw46

Demian Kendall