Episode 80: The Pantheon of Hate

In this week’s episode, Wyndham, Jeremy, and Christian debut a long-anticipated new segment: The Pantheon of Hate. Each brother will take a turn inducting one artist or band into this maligned hall of shame, deliver a much-deserved roast, then vow never to speak of that artist again. Enough positivity. It’s time to blow off some steam.  

We refuse to soil our good name by making a playlist featuring any of this music. Instead, take a spin through the playlist featured at the end of every episode, the 807,964 Top 10 Songs of All Time. And if you’re up to defending one of our inaugural Pantheon of Hate inductees, give us a shout on Twitter @thebrotherpod. https://open.spotify.com/user/thebrotherpod/playlist/10uGzh8anFlhLpJNVWsXlO

Demian Kendall