Episode 38: What Are You Listening To?

2017 has had a rough beginning with a pretty killer soundtrack. In today’s episode, Wyndham and Christian take the signature Brother Brother Brother segment “What Are You Listening To?” to its logical conclusion: A full episode devoted to dissecting some of the best new releases of the new year. We dig into new albums and EPs from Ali Barter, Gold Connections, and Dude York, a surprise left turn release from Mastodon, the alleged final album of grime legend Wiley, and the long-awaited release from podcast favorite, Spoon.

Take a spin through some of our favorite tracks of the year so far on our custom “What Are You Listening To?” playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/thebrotherpod/playlist/41jBYjzZynsvqqff5nCXTl

Demian Kendall