Episode 15: F.U. (A Soundtrack)

Just in time for Inauguration Day, Wyndham and Christian bring you a collection of songs, albums, and artists that all say one thing: fuck you. Fuck you friend. Fuck you boyfriend. Fuck you girlfriend, spouse, record label, bandmate, or just an all-encompassing fuck you to no one in particular. With middle fingers raised, we’re discussing some of the best and most vile F.U. tracks from Bob Dylan, Fear, The Walkmen, Shellac, Ice Cube, and many more.

Whether you’re raging in the streets or just giving a heartfelt “fuck you” from home, check out our accompanying Spotify playlist of FU Songs at: https://open.spotify.com/user/thebrotherpod/playlist/4WzVIL3fznHYLBgwfo0fZK

Demian Kendall