Episode 16: Power Pop

In this episode, the elder brothers, Wyndham and Jeremy, discuss their ultimate weakness: power pop. It's the guitar songs with the catchy hooks and the crisp melodies you can't help but sing (or scream) along to. The songs that make you wonder, "why wasn't this a hit?" We discuss how this subgenre came to be, the songs and artists that best exemplify it, and who's carrying the power pop torch into the future, in a conversation that spans The Beatles, Cheap Trick, The Cars, Guided by Voices, and everything in between.  

And if you're in the power pop mood, check out one of our favorite playlists in Brother Brother Brother history at: https://open.spotify.com/user/thebrotherpod/playlist/6kHLLqlPbySyWxFrqBxoUF 

Demian Kendall